Who’s Who

Our Rector is Reverend Canon Gary Hastings.

Our Organist is Frank Hughes.

EASTER VESTRY 2021-2022:

Churchwardens:   Rector’s – Mark Heaton

                                People’s – Libby McElroy

Glebewardens:     Rector’s – Paul O’Brien

                                People’s – Eric Brown

Bryan Burdett, Clive Christie (Hon. Secretary), Linda Franck, Helen Irwin, Joan Millar, Laura Martin, Sandra Moore, Meriel Nuzum, Sorcha O’Reilly, Lewis Purser, Daniel Stanford.

Diocesan Synod Representatives: David Millar, Michael Wolfe, Helen Middleton.

Supplemental Diocesan Synod Representatives: David Wilson, Joan White King, Dorothy Barrett.

Parochial Nominators: Clive Christie, Helen Irwin, Zandra Laing, Paul O’Brien.

Supplemental Parochial Nominators: Mark Heaton, Nigel Teggin, Daniel Stanford, Vanessa Mitchell.

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