Holy Trinity, Killiney, answered the need for a second Killiney church in the 1800s, following the railway’s extension to Bray. Churchgoers proved ready to participate, particularly Robert Warren, the owner of to-day’s Fitzpatrick’s Castle Hotel, who gave the site and contributed largely towards the church’s funding. Designed by Sandham Symes, it opened as a Trustee church on 15th May 1859.

Robert Warren

The Rev’d Joseph Bell was licensed to perform baptisms but not marriages. He was succeeded in 1866 by the Rev’d Canon Robert Staveley (a Berkeley gold medallist) – Holy Trinity, Killiney acquiring parochial status in 1893 –  followed in 1900 by Canon Robert Stoney. In 1925 Canon Fergus Greer became Rector, but died following a motor accident in 1930; the Rev’d Canon Ernest Barker, who initiated the Healer Prayer Circle, succeeded him. In 1956 the Canon Rev’d Austin Carry, during whose tenure the rectory was moved to the northerly side of the Hill, took over, to be succeeded by the Rev’d Canon Cecil Mills (1987-2011) followed by the Rev’d Canon Niall Sloane (2012-2017) and currently Rev’d Canon Gary Hastings.

Clarke window

Harry Clarke’s window “The Angel of Peace and Hope” (1918) was presented by Mrs Clifford Lloyd. The McGoldrick (west) window depicts the Annunciation and Crucifixion. The font dates from 1866 by which time the organ was in place, the lectern from 1877 and the pulpit from 1906. The choir was established in 1933.

The Cross was placed on the Altar in 1970; in 1992 Fr Brennan from St Stephen’s preached in Holy Trinity for the first time. We participate at the annual Service at the site of the 7th Century church on Marino Avenue, and since 1994 in the “Sonrise” daybreak Service at Easter. The Garden of Remembrance was opened in 1995.

The first woman Select Vestry member was elected in 1926, though none held office until 1972. The first lady Churchwarden was appointed in 1980.  A full list of Churchwardens may be found in the church.

Glenageary-Killiney National School originates from the school founded on the southern side of the Hill in 1834.

Click here to see a video of Dalkey and Killiney from 1957 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nk6_j2MR3fA

In 1958 the Carry Hall built on land given by the Kirwan family was opened, from which youth organisations, notably Guides from 1959 and the Sunday Club, drama, sports and other facilities developed. The Mothers’ Union begun in 1930 became the Ladies’ Guild in 1960.  Ayesha Castle staged our first fete in 1950.

A video from the 150th anniversary celebrations:  http://www.veoh.com/watch/v27583353XFtE2ccx 

David Millar

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