Who’s Who

Our Rector is Reverend Canon Gary Hastings.

Our Organist is Frank Hughes.

EASTER VESTRY 2020-2021:

Churchwardens:   Rector’s – Mark Heaton

                                People’s – Ken Brown

Glebewardens:     Rector’s – Paul O’Brien

                                People’s – Eric Brown

Bryan Burdett, Clive Christie (Hon. Secretary), Linda Franck, Helen Irwin, Libby McElroy, Joan Millar, Laura Martin, Sandra Moore, Meriel Nuzum, Sorcha O’Reilly, Lewis Purser, Daniel Stanford.

Diocesan Synod Representatives: David Millar, Michael Wolfe, Helen Middleton.

Supplemental Diocesan Synod Representatives: David Wilson, Joan White King, Dorothy Barrett.

Parochial Nominators: Clive Christie, Helen Irwin, Zandra Laing, Paul O’Brien.

Supplemental Parochial Nominators: Mark Heaton, Nigel Teggin, Daniel Stanford, Vanessa Mitchell.

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